Shopping online for LVP? Look out!

Recently, I was interacting with someone about the product we sell (LVP). Inevitably the question of price came up. I told this person our price and they mentioned that a certain big box store had vinyl plank flooring for a comparable price.

I went and checked said store. Sure enough, there was LVP for around the same price as us . . .

Except it wasn’t the same quality.

And they didn’t have it in stock.

And when I clicked on a color I actually liked, the price changed.

Make sure you look at all the information, not just the price they are showing you. Not all luxury vinyl plank flooring is created the same. That’s part of why I created a free buyer’s guide that you can use wherever you are going to buy LVP.

For all who are shopping online for luxury vinyl plank flooring, there are a few things you need to consider.

What to look out for when shopping for LVP online

1) Is the product actually in stock?

Stores will show prices for lines of vinyl plank flooring that they usually carry. Make sure to check that they actually have it in stock.

2) How much do they have in stock?

So you found the LVP specifications you want in a style you love – how much do they have? Is it enough? Does it need to be ordered?

3) Is the color you want at the price you want?

When you type in “LVP” or “vinyl plank flooring” into a store’s search bar, they are going to show you the best prices (obviously). As you click through various styles under that price that you liked so much, keep an eye on the square footage price and/or box price. You may find a color you love at a price you love only to realize the price went up!

4) Is it a closeout?

Stores will run sales on closeouts. This is nothing new – businesses need to get rid of superfluous product. Just remember that a closeout is a product they are trying to get rid of because they’re not keeping it in stock anymore. If the closeout sale is on a style of LVP you love and they have enough to cover your floor plus 5-10% for waste,* great! However, if you buy it all and realize you need more after installing it, or if later you decide to continue into another room, sorry, but you won’t find that same color again.

5) What are the specifications?

Is it glue down? Is it loose lay? How thick is it? What’s the wear layer? Again, luxury vinyl plank is not all created the same. It varies in thickness, wear protection, warranties, product composition, whether or not additional materials are needed, etc. You may find something really cheap, but is it going to give you the home improvement you want? Is it going to give you peace of mind for the wear your home endures? Do you know what to look for in LVP?

Like you, I feel the strain of our overinflated economy, so I want to be sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Be CAREFUL as you shop: you may end up feeling good about the purchase now, but terrible about the product later.

Are you in need of LVP? Do you have questions about the product? Call or text us today to get on our schedule to see what we offer and how we can save you money.

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*A note on waste: some of what you purchase will get wasted as there will be pieces that need to be cut in odd ways to fit your space.

Kevin Lowe